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Knights Templar

The Cross is ruthless, it takes no prisoners... THERE IS NO PLAN B


A Watchman, looking out for the Church and the men who lead her, along with all who follow through the stormy seas of life when the soul is tossed and torn, providing anchors for the soul that will hold as they wait for Daybreak. Who and what are you anchored to? Acts 27:29

A word to you men, this is meant to serve as a message of hope and as a word of warning. The warning is this: It's possible for great men to fall. The message of hope is: It's possible for great failures to rise. We need more lions at the helm of the congregations. Alexander the Great says it is best, "I am not afraid of an army of lions led by sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. “It’s hard to remember that Jesus did not come to make us safe but rather to make us disciples! DANGER is already built in; we are called to it, made for it, and to expect it. - It is the courage we must stop running from! A word to you preachers - quit preaching like we have no enemies. The Church is not a religious playground. God has not promised us safety but participation in an adventure called the Kingdom. That is part of the great good news in a world that is literally dying of boredom.

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